O-Ring Depot Rebuild Kit compatible for Paco K141-1, EPR for use with Glycol

$ 210.00

  • Also Available with Buna elastomers

Fits Series LC Models:  10-20121-1A, 10-25123-1A, 10-30121-1A, 10-30125-1A, 10-30127-1A, 10-40127-1A, 10-40129-1A, 10-4012A-1A, 10-50123-1A, 10-60123-1A

Fit Series LF Models:  11-20121-1A, 11-25123-1A, 11-30121-1A, 11-30125-1A, 11-30127-1A, 11-40127-1A, 11-40129-1A, 11-4012A-1A, 11-50123-1A, 11-60123-1A

Fits Series LCS Models:  14-25123-1A, 14-30121-1A, 14-40129-1A, 14-4012A-1A, 14-50123-1A, 14-60123-1A

Fits Series VL Models:  16-25121-1A, 16-30123-1A, 16-40121-1A, 16-25121-1A, 16-30123-1A, 16-40121-1A, 16-50129-1A, 16-60123-1A, 16-60125-1A, 16-80123-15, 16-80123-1A

Fits Series LCV Models:  20-20121-1A, 20-25123-1A, 20-30121-1A, 20-30125-1A, 20-30127-1A, 20-40127-1A, 20-40129-1A, 20-4012A-1A, 20-50123-1A, 20-60123-1A

Fits Series LCSE Models:  24-25123-1A, 24-30121-1A, 24-40129-1A, 24-4012A-1A, 24-50123-1A, 24-60123-1A

Fits Series VLF Models:  127-25121-1A, 127-30123-1A, 127-40121-1A, 127-40125-1A, 127-40127-1A, 127-50127-1A, 127-50129-1A, 127-60123-1A, 127-60125-1A, 127-80123-15, 127-80123-1A

Fits Series Models:  131-40121-1A, 131-40127-1A, 131-50129-1A, 131-5012A-1A, 131-60125-1A, 131-80123-1A