Compatible w/ 246491 246350 15B215 15B211 AR4242 246352 15B210 15B203 15B204

$ 1,175.00

  • Other combination packages also available with the Fluid Housing.
  • In A-Quality kit, o-rings that touch fluids do not swell in cleaning solvents. Extra o-rings in addition to 2 complete o-ring kits 246355.
  • Includes sturdy English manufactured Duratool westherproof Tool case
  • Shut-Off Valve new design--3 pieces of easier cleaning and longer life.
  • Available with either mixing chamber AR4242 or AR5252

Option #6 Fluid Housing package compatible with Graco 246491 Fluid  Housing includes Air Valve 15B223 w/O-Ring plus Grease Fitting 100846 and plastic cap cover 15B689; Top A-Quality o-ring kit 246355; Polyurea High Temperature Lube 118665; Back Ring 15B215; Front Ring 15B211; Mix Chamber AR4242 w/ drill bits and Delrin side seals w/ o-rings 246348; Side Seal Assemblies w/ o-rings 246349 + 246350 w/ 246348 and springs 117491; Check Valve assemblies w/ o-rings 246352 + 246731, check balls 1104396, springs 117490, screens; AR Air Cap 15B210; Valve Spool 15B202; Cap 15B204 w/ PIston Stop 15B205, Spring 114070, Lock 15B206; Piston 15B203; Muffler 119626; Plug 100721; Retaining Ring 100721; Pin Vise 117661; FAP Gun Cleanout drill bits kit 248969; Shut-Off Valve 246356.