2pk Compatible for Jacuzzi Side Kick SK940 Chlorinator Lid O-Ring, Current Model

$ 14.00

  • Part numbers: 01-22-9920, 01-22-9926, 01229920, 01229926, B992, 90-423-5364, KTC-451-7859
  • Not for models 1991 and Prior. For those models purchase part numbers: 47-0259-03-R, 01-22-9426, 01229426, B942, 43-379-1036
  • Also available with single use silicone lube for o-ring protection.
  • Also available as a 1-pack with or without silicone lube.

This o-ring is smaller than the groove it fits in so it'll stay in place..  Must stretch into groove to fit.  Good idea to keep a spare on hand!