2 o-rings compatible for Hoshizaki 1AG35 and 7611-G035

$ 11.00

  • Contains 2 replacement o-rings
  • Also available as a 1 pack and a 4 pack to keep spares on hand!

Compatible for Hoshizaki 1AG35:

For Use With Mfr. Model Number:  KM-1200MAE; KM-1200MRE; KM-1200MWE; KM-1200SAE; KM-1200SRE; KM-1200SWE; KM-1300MAF; KM-1300MAH; KM-1300MRF; KM-1300MRH; KM-1300MWF; KM-1300MWH; KM-1300NRF; KM-1300SAF; KM-1300SAF3; KM-1300SAH; KM-1300SAH3; KM-1300SRF; KM-1300SRF3; KM-1300SRH; KM-1300SRH3; KM-1300SWF; KM-1300SWF3; KM-1300SWH; KM-1300SWH3; KM-1301SAH; KM-1301SAH-E; KM-1301SAH3; KM-1301SRH; KM-1301SRH-E; KM-1301SRH3; KM-1301SWH; KM-1301SWH-E; KM-1301SWH3; KM-1340MAH; KM-1340MRH; KM-1340MWH; KM-1400SWH-M; KM-1400SWH3-M; KM-1600MRE