Professor Foam Ford 6.0L Diesel Nipple Cup/Ball Tube O-Rings/Seals- Set of 8 Special Heavy Duty Viton Blend (F6.0L-BALL SEAL)

$ 15.99

The Best Seals on the Market for Rebuilding Your 6.0L Oil Rail! Includes: 8- Professor Foam Extreme Duty Viton Blend O-Rings with 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty* We get calls regularly from shops and customers that have installed cheap O-Rings only to have them fail a month later. How Much is Your Time Worth? There are Better Ways to Save $5 Than Buying Cheap Seals. Install ours properly, with plenty of oil and good nipple cups and we'll give you a 2 Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Features: + Special Extreme Duty Viton Compound That Proven Itself Year After Year + The Size is Optimized to Work With Worn OEM and Aftermarket Cups Too + 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty* *You must replace your top injector seals and check your nipple cups for wear even half a thousandth of an inch of wear on the ball part of your nipple cups can cause premature failure.

  • The best seals ror rebuilding your high pressure oil rail. Proven to last
  • Special extreme duty viton blend seals guaranteed not to fail prematurely
  • You will receive; 8- Professor Foam Brand Viton Blend O-Rings, Manufacturer's Special Instructions, 2 Year Warranty
  • 2 Year, unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty. At Professor Foam we stand behind our products
  • Compatible with all 6.0L diesel engines 2003-2010(Ford SuperDuty F-250/350/450 & E-Series)