IPM 02 Barrel Transfer Pump - Graco Gusmer GAMA Classcraft IP02 810201 810203

$ 1,250.00 was $ 1,400.00

IPM 02 CS or SS

Spray Foam, Coatings and Spray On Bedliner Contractors!



Here is another deal for you from Professor Foam!   


I'm not a Johnny come lately to this and I am a trusted seller with over 10,000 positive feedback form items sold in the foam and coating industry!

I have been in the coatings and foam industry for 20+ years and know what works and what doesn't!

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This is an auction for a transfer pump.  Well, that is not the most exciting part,
 but it can stop you dead in your tracks and cost you lots of $$!


Most distributors are sending units out with T2 pumps:

2 Main problems with them:

 1) You don't need the larger output of the T2! Waste of $$!!


2)  COST! $$$ then there is the cost and finally, the cost that Graco charges for spare parts!


This pump that I'm offering is a Carbon Steel (810201) or Stainless Steel (810203) IPM IP02 2:1

The air motor has o rings that will last much longer!

IPM Transfer Pumps deliver with reliability in their design and diversity in their capabilities

The output is well above any production to most spray units! 


IPM IP-02 Transfer Pumps 

IPM Transfer Pumps IPM's 100 Series 2:1 is designed specifically for difficult to handle materials.

The immersed lower pump, tie-tubes, and sealing bung bushing allow quick drum change without exposing the system to contamination and moisture.

New Designs for:

  • Higher Viscosities
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Fluids with 245a Agent
  • Low Ceiling Installations
  • Interchangeable Pump Lengths

New design innovations to simplify handling and application of polyurethane, polyurea, and other two-component materials.

New design for cleanable tubes

  •  Allows thorough cleaning of the pump fluid tubes.
  • Both the IP02 and the OP series have easily cleanable fluid tubes.
  • The feature allows for nearly an unlimited number of pump rebuilds.


IP and OPC Series Pumps now have high viscosity “B” resin capabilities IPM 2:1 Transfer Pumps

  • “B” resins with the newer 245fa blowing agent can have viscosities up to 2000 cPs.
  • OP and IP series pumps have increased suction capability by 69%.
  • Pumps have the capability of pumping the new “B” resins without heat or pressurization.
  • The new design nearly eliminates foaming of the material.
  • Outlet ports are now a standard ¾” NPT.



  • Fully air operated
  • 2 ball piston design provides a uniform positive displacement
  • Extremely durable pump with long life packing
  • Specially designed piston seals do not come into contact with material pumped.
  • Hence, a very long life as it can handle highly problematic fluids like Isocyanates which crystallizes on piston rods upon contact with moisture in air and rupture seals.




Pressure Ratio:
Max. fluid flow:
  2.5gpm (9.5 lpm)
Air motor diameter:
  1.4" (3.6cm)
Air inlet pressure range:
  30 - 180 psi (2 - 12 bar)
Max. fluid pressure:
  360 psi (24 bar)

Air inlet size:

  1/4" npt (f)
Fluid inlet size:
  3/4" npt (m) (Stubby)
Fluid outlet size:
  3/4" npt (f)
Rod and cylinder
  CS & SST
Throat packing:
Piston packing:

Length (Drum length):

  50" (1270 mm)
  30.2" (768 mm)
  16.1 lb (7.3 kg)
  14.1 lb (6.4 kg


If you want the Stainless Steel version, Choose that option at check out.

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