Gap & Gap Pro Gun O-ring set !!! Huge Savings!!!!

$ 26.99

Gap & Gap Pro Gun O-ring set !!! Huge Savings!!!!


Foam, Coatings and Spray On Bedliner Contractors!


Professor Foam is here to the rescue!!!

Check out the chart below, this is what's in the kit,

if you need just a few the the o rings just let me know..

"GAP Gun photo provided by Frank Sica of Gusmer prior to Graco purchase of Gusmer."

 Graco and Fusion are trademarks of Graco, Inc.


Ok the OEM kit is $125.00++ ( you know Shipping and handeling..). My kit costs much LESS!


  Hey thats a HUGE SAVINGS!

Ok if you want more information drop me a line..


call 318-880-7787 



 CALL TODAY!  318-880-7787 its my cell phone...


Ok here is a quick synopsis of why Professor Foam is better than the other O ring sellers here on Ebay. I AM a Foam and Coatings contractor. They are just guys trying to sell you o rings without knowing anything about SPF! You can call me and I can help you with my 20+ years in the industry, just try to call him and ask him the difference between Iso and Poly! So Relax and know that I am the real deal and you can count on the Professor!

I have served on the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) Technical and Building Envelope Committees!

I am named in the following SPFA documents:

AY103, AY107, AY110, AY111, AY112, AY118, 

AY134, AY137, AY140, AY143, AY144, AY145

(See David Lewis, Coastal Coatings)

So when the other guy says he knows more, well see for yourself.

The material of the o rings is the exact same as the OEM version without the blue dot on them (so they can tell the difference visually) 

There is 2 types of Viton material being used in the o rings. Viton FKM and Viton ETP or Extreme. See the chart below.



  Base Material Color Duro (Shore A) Relative Price Typical Inventory Level High Temp (F) Low Temp (F) Steam < 300 F Steam < 400 F Compression Set Chemical & Solvents Sunliight, Ozone, UV Wear Abrasion Permeation Vacuum Petroleum Oils & Hydraulics Fuels & Gas Brake Fluids
1 = Great    2 = Good    3 = Fair    4 = Poor
  FKM Viton® (A) Fluorocarbon  Black  75  $$$$ Very High 400  -15 3 1
  highest inventory general purpose commodity FKM  (available in nearly any color and durometer)
  FKM Viton® (ETP) Fluorocarbon  Black  75  $$$$$+ Med 400  -15 3
  Best FKM family chemical resistance, known as Viton® ETP, Viton® Extreme and Super Viton®, improved base, amines, ketones, MTBE, MEK, MIBK resistance

So when the other guy says he can soak his gun in solvents (which you shouldn't do - and how can you properly clean a gun without removing everything?) The Viton ETP is the o rings that he it talking about. Well I have included all of the correct material type of o rings at a HUGE discount! 

Look at my 9000+ feedback and see what everyone is talking about! 

Remember its your business and do you really want to trust it to some new guy who says anything on Ebay to make a sale?