"COMPLETE SET" of 7.3L O-rings for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke fuel bowl drain 99-03

$ 5.99

New Aftermarket Viton Fuel Filter Drain & Valve Stem O-rings for

1999-2003 7.3 diesel Powerstroke Ford

4  Drain Valve O-rings 

2  Valve Stem O-ring


If you're smelling fuel, seeing fuel drip from the back or from the separator drain tube on the passenger side of your Powerstroke, or have a puddle growing in the valley on top, there's a good chance that this is the problem. Seems that the newly mandated ULSD (ultra-low-sulphur-diesel) likes to shrink these o rings...

The factory o-rings are Buna-Nitrile. Replace them with our Viton O-Rings. Viton will hold up to Bio-Diesel and ULSD. 

This kit contains 6 black or brown viton O-rings - color has nothing to do with what its made of, Viton is stronger and more resistant to chemicals. Someone who is selling o rings that are brown and calling them viton is mistaken, any type of o ring can be sold in any color, so color is not a trade of Viton!

99-03 Ford F-series diesel engines.

These are for the 1999 - through 2003   "7.3"   Powerstroke engines.      

"Will not"  fit 6.0, 6.4,  6.7


  This kit contains (6) Six O-rings, Three for the repair and Three for spares.


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