Professor Foam™ AR4242 Aftermarket Mix Chamber that fits Graco® Fusion AP with FREE Delrin Side Seals, Aflas O Rings and drill bits!

$ 169.99 was $ 290.00

This is for 1 (One) Professor Foam™ brand replacement aftermarket mix chamber that fits Graco® Fusion Air Purge AP.

This mixing chamber is the same size, but the material is much stronger than the OEM chamber and is not at the Graco price!
Graco® part# AR4242

INCLUDED with a free set of Professor Foam Delrin side seals, These seals are modified for better performance and easy removal!

Also included are Aflas O Rings! Aflas is the highest chemical resistant o rings that you can get!

Oh, yea - the Professor will also send clean out drill bits for this as well. 

Ok if you want more information drop me a line..


Professor Foam™ 318-880-7787 

Princess Foam 318-880-7779

All sets will be shipped the next business day after payment.


"This is not a Graco® Inc. product. This product is designed as an after-market product compatible to fit Graco®  but is in no way sponsored, approved or authorized by Graco™ Inc.”