6 Remington O-ring Barrel Seals for Model 1100 20LT Gauge 11-87 20LT Ga From Professor Foam

$ 13.49

You are purchasing 1 package containing 6 Remington Model 1100 & 11-87 20LT Gauge Shotgun O-Ring Replacements: Synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer. Only trust DuPont Viton for the gas system barrel seal. This is the best - so why risk your firearms with anything else? Professor Foams O Rings fit perfectly and is the best quality you can get! For your safety, trust only Professor Foam Genuine DuPont Viton brand seals.

  • This is the one you have been hunting for. Manufactured, tested, packaged & sold by Professor Foam.
  • High-grade Genuine DuPont Viton O-rings replace old, worn, or cracked rings to provide a proper seal and restore gas system reliability.
  • Resolve blow back issues with 20LT gauge gas ports for Remington 1100 & 11 87 Shotgun.
  • Will resist most solvents used to clean firearms.
  • DuPont Viton has a high tolerance to compression and operational at an extreme heat of 316°C(600°F) down to a freezing -54°C(-65°F).